Sunday, November 15, 2009

Moving Onward....into '96

San Juan National Forest, Colorado 13 October 1996

There are places in Colorado and Utah where the graffiti goes a bit further than so-in-so loves so-in-so. I remember well this set of aspens high up in the Rockies. There were hunters camping in groups about every hundred yards or so, and I kept asking myself if it was a smart move to be up roaming around the mountains during hunting season. One could hear the report of high powered rifles bouncing off the mountains while I sought shelter under my focusing cloth -- like a piece of black cloth is bullet proof, right? In spite of it all, I still found it interesting to find "christian" graffiti carved into the trees. No doubt to remind all those hunters they were up there to slaughter four-legged creatures and not about competitive bouts of consuming "lite" beer.

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Steve Skinner said...

What a great image! Does it have a brother?

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