Saturday, July 03, 2010

THINGS CHANGE....for better, for worse

Liberty Garage, Red Rock, Texas 1977, 2009, 2010

As noted, I took the first image in this group in 1977 with my friend, Richard Greffe, near by. I happened to pass through Red Rock again a year ago this past spring. I was a bit surprised, but happy to see the old gas pumps still standing after 32 years. Then a couple of week ago Richard had to opportunity to be in Red Rock and noted the pumps were no longer standing. Don and Sher, I'll try to be more attentive to the blog, but I've having a great time playing with our new Epson 7900 printer. For the firs time ever, I'm able to see old 8x10 B&W negatives as 24x36" prints. It has awakened in me the feelings I had when I first made those images.


Pat Tillett said...

Great photos. I'm sure you agree that the place looked better before it was "re-purposed."
I'm amazed it sat there with the pumps. They might even be worth some money. In addition to the photos, the narrative brings it all to life. thanks!

luksky said...

Love the progressive photos...I may try that concept here in Austin. As fast as it's changing I'm sure it wouldn't take long for them to transform. Have a wonderful 4th!!!!

Don and Sher Cooper said...

What a great set of photos, glad to see you back.

Walter Briggs said...

Exactly why it's so important to shoot things as we see them;too often it's gone tomorrow. Nice imagery!

Misty said...

The pumps were moved for their protection. With the store being next door they were in danger of being hit. We had a lot of close scares, the shop is being brought back and hopefully they will be brought back as well, if there is a sutible non tacky way of protecting them.

Andrew Hill said...


My name is Andrew Hill, and I own the Liberty Garage, I really enjoyed your picture of it in 1977, do you have any others of it or the area at large? Can I have permission to print a copy to hang in the new office? We are always on the lookout for old pictures of the town. I bought the building in 2008 and the pumps were a constant worry. They had been backed into twice and nearly knocked off the base so I removed them to covered storage until I am finished with the building. Unfortunately the entire front was just a shadow due to termite damage, but they never made the jump to the roof. I am very surprised they survived at all, when I went to move them, the pipes had rusted completely through and I literally just layed them over into the back of a truck. The other big survivor was a 32 ford sedan that was in the back with a tree growing through it that held it in place for more than 70 years. It sat in the last state pictured for a few years while I waited for funds to return it to its present status as a working garage. Hopefully in a year or two I will be able to get the pumps restored and back out front, along with something to keep people from backing into them. Thanks

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