Sunday, April 24, 2011


Wilson, Texas 7 March 2011

That's one tired, old silo. However I think most the land is now in cotton. The gin, er, uh, de-linter out of the picture to the right was running full blast. I needed ear protection a block away. I wish to thank the 18-wheeler driver who waited patiently for me to finish making this image -- I had my Pentax 67 with B&W film on a tripod. I was about to pick up everything so I could pull the car out of the way for him to turn off the highway, be he hollered for me to go ahead and finish. Normally they'd just blow their air horn scaring the the beeJesus out of me. Then again the whole time I was there, it was just me and him occupying the side road and the highway.

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