Friday, April 29, 2011


Tent Rocks State Park, New Mexico 9 March 2011

The "reason" for TRAVELING AGAIN this past March was to visit my brother in Santa Fe. At least that's what I told everyone. Yes, I did spend two days and three nights with Doug and his wife Loretta. Got to eat some of Loretta's most excellent green chili stew, spent a nice afternoon visiting with Doug's daughter, Su Anne, and her husband, Ted. And got to eat at Maria's where they have the most excellent margaritas, at least the most excellent margaritas I've ever been served in a restaurant. The food at Maria's is pretty damned good, too.

Doug believing I've seen most of the sights in the Santa Fe area (probably true) asked if I had ever been to Tent Rocks State Park, and to his surprise, I had not. He told me of a tree near the beginning of a slot canyon that had been growing there for so long that the the soil and rock beneath it had completely eroded away leaving it standing on its root legs. Above is Doug and the tree.

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Pat Tillett said...

What an amazing sight!

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