Friday, September 23, 2011


Thrall, Texas 1990

I had ask my daughter if there were any particular images she'd like for me to put up in our "new" living room. (The room is not new, but the paint job on the walls and the refinished floor are.) She's getting married next weekend. Basically they will only hang during the dinner/reception which is here at the house, but since the walls are currently bare, I thought I'd ask her what she'd like to see in that space. I'm always a bit amazed at which image people remember. As I print each image, I'll post them.

This gaudy building was a modern "honky-tonk" is the very small town of Thrall. It's maybe 30 miles or so northeast of Austin. Evidently it wasn't too popular because it had already close when I photographed in February of 1990. I drove through Thrall two years ago, and the building is no longer standing.

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Don and Sher said...

Looks like an old discount store, but colorful.

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