Sunday, March 18, 2012


Front Royal, Virginia 3 March 2012

Another image from the Pentax 645D using my P-67 135mm macro lens. Love the way the sensor handled the bright white plastic flowers while holding the deep, dark, wet rock, and everything in between. Very sharp image. We had only driven maybe a one quarter mile from the motel and noted a Shell station with lots of yellow crime tape and at least four police cars, lights flashing, parked around the pumps. I had slowed down to take a glance at what might be happening, and just as I was speeding back up I saw this cross/shrine right on the edge of the road. I drove a little further to where there was a place to make a U-turn on the divided roadway, and circled back. Was getting my stuff from the rear of the truck when a state trooper pulled up behind me. Said he saw my hazard flashers, and wanted to know if everything was OK. I told him we were fine and I was making an image of the shrine. I ask him what was happening at the Shell station, and he sort of lowered his head, and said: "Uhhhh......." "Something bad," I said? He replied: "Something really bad." Nice way to start the day.

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Billie said...

Frank, I'm so glad you decided too get the camera. You will appreciate everything it can do.

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