Monday, March 19, 2012


Clark County, Virginia 2 March 2012

While beginning my adventures testing the Pentax 645D, I also, carried my Canon 5D2 and a few lenses to make "snapshots" with. There has always been a very fuzzy line between snapshot and "serious" images. While out the same day I picked up the Pentax camera, we came across this small green trimmed, white. peeling paint little church in the middle of nowhere. I say nowhere because we were on a narrow gravel road that ran for several miles and connected two paved country lanes. It was cold and raining, beginning to snow and sleet, but I have never been able to pass up such a church....especially with peeling paint. After making the image of the front of the church (I'll post it later) with the Pentax 645D, as is my usual habit, I walked around to the back of the structure to see what else might present itself. The image you see here is what presented itself. As I related in my previous entry, the battery on the 645D had died and needed recharging, so I turned to my Canon 5D2 and a 24-105 L lens. If not for Image Stabilization, I could have not shot this image. I love the way the stitching of the cover has created the patterns presented here. Just weird.


FZipperer said...

Another winner! I don't believe it much matters what camera you have with you, it's your eye spurred on by your curiosity that makes your images stand out. Just MHO...

Pat Tillett said...

I pretty much agree with the humble gentleman. This is a great and almost surreal photo. And you do have a great eye!

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