Friday, April 27, 2012


Crystal Park, Worcester, MA 22 April 2012

It has not rained on a day I was free since I bought my new camera. This past Sunday was a day of steady rain, and oh how I love making images when everything is wet. I don't find it all that difficult to work under a big umbrella. As sweet as I may be, I will not melt, and the new camera is waterproof. I had a function to attend later in the day so I left the house about three hours early and just wandered towards my destination. Crystal Park is across Main Street from the main entrance to Clark University (where I teach photography). The basketball courts are towards to end away from the university and I have never driven the road across the back end of the park. I saw the bright orange of the backboard against the gray skies and the new green of the leafing-out trees. It was only when I investigated by walking up the incline towards the courts that I discover the brightly painted "floor." Wet, shiny, and reflective makes for great color images.

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