Tuesday, April 10, 2012


West Boylston, Massachusetts 4 April 2012

The weather people on the TV tells us we're experiencing a mild drought, but the illustration at US Drought Monitor web site says we're only abnormally dry. Interesting that the ground in my backyard is visually damp and wet to touch -- it's not dry. But what do I know?

Last Wednesday as I was leaving the Clark campus, the sky to the north was very dark. As I started up Interstate 190, I drove through a brief shower, hardly enough to require wipers. Rather than go home I decided to take a brief detour over to the reservoir where I could have a more open view of the clouds. As I got out of the truck with camera in hand, a slice of sun cut across the Old Stone Church -- the one remaining monument to where the town was once located before they built the reservoir. Hard to believe we only got a few scatter rain drops from these massive clouds. Thankfully I had the 28mm on the 5D2 that day, it seemed the perfect lens.

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CrookedLetters said...

i like this. glad u take the time to change course to look.

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