Sunday, August 05, 2012


Ken "Wolfie" Wolf
Marietta, Indiana 3 August 2012

Traveling through Indiana on state road 252, we were detoured onto a county road that took us through Marietta. As we turned the corner into the town, we were surprised to find an old store with a lot of anti-Bush and pro-Obama proclamations scrawled on various surfaces. While mounting cameras to tripod, a woman who was wet with sweat from mowing her lawn came over. She introduced herself as the deputy mayor of the town, and wanted to know if we knew why her mower wasn't working right. Asked if she had to clean the filter every time she mowed the yard? She said if we were interested in old falling down buildings, the old buggy factory around the corner was something we should check out, and then went back to her mowing task.

Just as I was making the above image of the store's front, Ken "Wolfie" Wolf comes around the corner of the building. Thankfully he was not as crazy as we first thought. He owned the building and he was the author of all the writings. Said it was his building and he could write anything he wanted on it. I asked him why he was carrying that fly swatter. "I hate flies," was all he said. Said that he had had 9 heart attacks, really on six counted, "I don't count the three little one." He added he had been to three doctors -- the first one said it'd be OK to have two beers a day; the second one said the same; so did the third. "By my count, that's 2+2+2 -- that's six beers a day."

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Don Cooper said...

Every town has at least one.

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