Monday, August 13, 2012


Bayard, Ohio 14 July 2012

Doors, old doors, sometimes I just can't pass them by. These seemed special for some reason. I had photographed the front of the building, an old church/school building called the "Miracle Revival Center," and had put the big camera away. I grabbed by 5D2 and was walking around just looking at what else might be of interest. Sometimes I use this camera to preview what I might find interesting before getting the tripod and big camera out. I shot a frame, looked at the histogram, re-framed slightly, made an exposure correction, and shot again. Only looked at the image closer late last evening and realized it must have been the red streak against the rusty door handle that drew my attention. It's almost as if the door had been bloodied by someone long ago. I wonder if I were to return today if that red would still be there?


Don and Sher said...

A lot of cracks in the door like it was kicked in, stories we will never know, only the scars remain.

Pat Tillett said...

I agree about the red, it really sets it all off.

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