Thursday, September 18, 2014


Worcester, MA 8/21/14

On the 21st of August, my wife was being honored by the city of Worcester because the American Antiquarian Society, of which my wife Ellen is President of the Society, had received in Washington the week, the before Presidential Metal for the Humanities presented by President Obama.  As to the image above, I saw this on my way to the Worcester Common where the city's ceremony was being held.  It is just a reminder that you should always have you camera with you because you never know what will present itself at the end of the next block.  That's why I was downtown, camera in tow, to make a couple of images of Ellen being honored by the city.  I am always be willing to take the two minutes to stop and make an image no matter the rush I might happen to be in.

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Howard Grill said...

Very cool photo, one you can definitely look at for a few minutes!

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