Thursday, June 11, 2015

IN ALASKA.....finally 6-11-2015

Along the Alaska Highway in the Yukon Territores, Canada

For the past week, the internet has been, at best, barely able to move text.  But this afternoon, we pulled into Fairbanks which is the official end of the ALCAN Highway.  First order of business was grocery shopping -- the US Customs would not let us bring frozen chicken nor eggs across the border.  Something to do with Asian bird flu.....????  Anyway, it took a couple of meals from us, however we had been eating on stores purchased almost a week ago in southern Alberta.

Carcross, BC, Canada

Klondike Highway, BC, Canada

We stayed for two nights in Whitehorse, YT, Canada, in order to make a side trip down to Skagway, Alaska.  Travel is on the Klondike Highway which is basically the route over the coastal mountains the gold rush miners climbed by foot on their way to the gold fields of Dawson City, YT.  It was a hell-of-a-drive, rugged, RUGGED country.  Hard to believe that people did this route on foot ferrying hundreds of pounds of clothing, food, and equipment,  Absolutely stunning country. There wee five, yes, FIVE cruise ships in the Skagway harbor.  People were 10 deep on the street of this very small port town.

Alaska Highway, Alaska
About twenty miles into Alaska, we came to a recent forest fire.  It took several miles of driving to get past it, but about halfway through I saw this one white tree standing alone and surround by many burned black spruce.  Was shockingly stunning. Would have stayed longer to make more images but the rains were upon us.  We have not had a day without rain since we entered Montana on about the 2nd of June.  A squall is passing as I write this.


Bill Wright said...

Great shot, Frank. The brown bear was a good one also. 20 mm I presume. :)


luksky said...

Wow, those are some awesome pictures. I especially find the one of the forest fore and white tree intriguing.

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