Wednesday, June 03, 2015


Hobson, Montana 6/2/2015

All across the plains states rise great tall structures, monuments and testaments to the way of life and the economy in these parts.  I especially admire to older grain silos, the wooden ones that are now abandoned. Fields of freshly planted wheat, corn, and soy beans occupy most every acre. Here and there are fields of the last crop planted and not yet turned for this year's crop.

Most of these wooden silos are not painted, but rather left to Mother Nature to gray down the wood with a special patina. 

And in Montana this time of year, weather is always dramatic as witnessed by the first image in this post.  No we didn't get wet, but made it back to the truck before all hell broke loose. 

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Russell Banks said...

Love the repeating shapes/lines in the middle photo: the pipe and the light shape in the window, the diagonal in the window's lower right / diagonal board outside / diagonal board on the rock above the tracks... a lot going on here!

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