Saturday, July 18, 2015


Homer, Alaska

You see it just about everywhere here in Alaska, individual free expression of life as they care to live it. I don't know if it is all that different than in the lower 48 states, but it seems more out in the open here. "Live free or die" could easily be the motto of this state, also.

Seward, Alaska

There are so many places with old cars, trucks, washing machines, building materials, and just about anything else you can think of strewn about their front yards, but every once in a while there is that one thing you find placed in the middle of no where, standing tall and proud.

Seward, Alaska

And many times, it's just parked on the side of the road with a "for sale" sign attached. This is especially true of boats. Good Lord, do they have boats, boats of all sizes and shapes

Homer, Alaska

You may have noticed that just about all my images so far have had no bright sun shining. That's because it has rained almost everyday since I've been in the state. My wife, Ellen can attest to this for it has rained everyday since she's been here.

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luksky said...

From the pictures, I would have to assume this area of Alaska is a hopeless, depressed area.

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