Sunday, August 02, 2015


Anderson, Alaska

We had stopped by the little village of Anderson, Alaska, to make a few images, and when leaving I spied these guys hangin' around their bus.  I recognized them as forest fire fighters.  There have been numerous forest fires all over Alaska this summer.  At times, we have encountered heavy smoke, so much so visibility was down to less than a mile. We stopped to talk with them and find out where they were from.  Thinking somewhere in Alaska, we were surprised to find they were from Acoma, New Mexico.  Go figure.

Cantwell, Alaska

I have encountered several cemeteries where either the graves were surrounded by picket fences, or covered like this one, I need to find out what this tradition is all about

Rochelle Morris, Hope, Alaska

Stopped in the general store in Hope to buy our fishing license, and met this wonderful lady.  She was a hoot, for sure.  But on the back wall, we found her degrees frames and letters from the governor and senators from Alaska congratulating her on her degrees from college.  Seems she has a masters in finance, and has taught info systems at Univ of Alaska and several other universities here and in the lower 48.

Homer, Alaska

Last evening was the "blue moon" and it was amazing to watch it rise over the mountains and glaciers across Kachemac Bay.  We had parked the trailer in a RV park on the spit and had a great view of this wonderful even.

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