Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Seward, Alaska

Alaskan have mixed symbols just about every where.  So strange to see a Santa holding an ice cream cone in front of the Athabascan meeting hall.  Sometime it's the location......

Seward, Alaska

When I first saw this car on top of the old tree, it was an overcast day and the mountains that surround Seward were not visible, but on this afternoon, there were breaks in the clouds that revealed a small glacier as background.

Seward, Alaska

Little coffee houses like this one are just about on every corner.  You find them even in the smallest villages.  They are more abundant than Dunkin Donut in Massachusetts. I know, hard to believe.

Nenana, Alaska

And Alaskans love their moose antlers. It could almost be the state's symbol. This pair was over the entrance to an outdoor seating area for a bar.  It does get warm enough for people to sit outside.  The last two days the temp has hit 80F. And all the locals complain about it being hot.

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Russell Banks said...

I love the car on the pole. It’s great that you were able to hang around and return when the shot was better.

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