Sunday, August 08, 2010

Summer Travels IX

Greenville, Virginia 17 July 2010

Not to be prejudicial, in my personal and humble opinion, this image along with this one, are the two most successful from my Virginia trip. Why? It is my belief that the more ambiguous an image, the longer I want to look at it. Sort of discover it all over again. With each viewing, I find new answers.....and new questions. They are at once simple and complex images. The picture above was discovered when I stoppped to examine what appeared to be an abandoned gas station. I shot a few record shots as viewed from the tarmac, but went closer to see what remained of the building hidden behind a growth that all but obscured it. Through the dirty glass I saw the above, and moving around to the side of the building I found where someone had broken out a section of the wall. Using my widest lens -- a Canon 17-35mm L -- I was able to make this image in what was a very cramped interior.


Pat Tillett said...

I totally get that...
A photo that makes me want to ask questions is a great thing.
like this one!

Guy said...

It's always of interest to me to see what's left behind in places such as this. That trophy had to have been a big deal to the recipient at the time; otherwise, why display it? Maybe the radio doesn't work? It's surprising to see it still in there considering these places usually get picked over by post-evacuation visitors. If you found a way in then others before have as well.
I wonder if the potato chips are stale?


Don and Sher Cooper said...

Really neat story on how you caught the image.

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